Swiss agritech firm Syngenta launched a new seed treatment fungicide on 4 June to combat fungus-based diseases in crops such as canola, soyabeans and rice.

Containing Syngenta’s novel fungicide molecule Adepidyn, Saltro could be used to control diseases such as blackleg in canola, sudden death syndrome in soyabeans and bakanae in rice, the firm said in a statement.

Ioana Tudor, global head of Syngenta Seedcare, said Saltro could be used in combination with the company’s existing Maxim, Vibrance and Apron seed treatments to complement genetic resistance in targeted crops.

“Seed treatment application is a complex activity that can dramatically impact seeds performance and flowability during the busy planting period,” said Will Salter, head of Seedcare Australasia.

Syngenta expected the first registrations of Saltro in Canada and the USA in 2019, followed by Australia in 2020.

The firm also announced the establishment of a new Seedcare Institute at the Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Australia.