Global energy company TotalEnergies is working on a four-year biodiesel research project at its La Mède biorefinery with water, waste and energy management firm Veolia, TotalEnergies announced on 6 July.

The project would accelerate the development of microalgae cultivation using CO2, the company said.

Using photosynthesis, microalgae used sunlight and CO2 from the atmosphere or from industrial processes to grow and, when mature, could be transformed into next-generation biofuels with low carbon intensity, according to TotalEnergies.

As part of the project, a test platform would be set up to compare different systems for growing microalgae and identify the most efficient ones, the company said.

“We are pleased to join forces with Veolia at our La Mède site to accelerate the assessment of microalgae cultivation systems using CO2, in the aim of producing next-generation biofuels,” TotalEnergies chief technology officer Marie-Noëlle Semeria said.

TotalEnergies said it brought its expertise in the cultivation and refining of biomass to produce advanced biofuels and in CO2 capture and utilisation technologies to the joint project.

Veolia, meanwhile, contributed its expertise in the water sector to optimise management of microalgae’s aquatic environment and in the development of algal biomass as an effective solution for CO2 capture, TotalEnergies said.

TotalEnergies is active in more than 130 countries.

The Veolia Group designs and distributes solutions for the management of water, waste, and energy.