US soyabean crusher Tri-State Crush and commodity trading firm The Redwood Group have formed a strategic relationship to improve the marketing opportunities for Indiana soya producers.

According to the agreement, Redwood would procure organic and non-GMO soyabeans for Tri-State’s crushing facility in Nappanee, alongside marketing the produced soyabean oil and meal, World Grain reported on 17 July.

The companies said the partnership would, in addition to providing a new outlet to farmers, better connect end users to the source of their soyabeans and deliver a transparent and sustainable supply chain built to support a growing industry.

Tri-State Crush owns and operates an organic and non-GMO soyabean crush plant in Nappanee, Indiana.

The Redwood Group specialises in food and feed ingredient supply, grain merchandising, physical and financial energy and logistics solutions.

In 2017, through a partnership with Stricks LLC, Redwood formed Stricks Ag, which owns elevators and a processing facility in Chester, Montana and various other operations in Montana and Canada.