Ukraine's spring crop sowing campaign reached 12.64M ha or 89% of the planned area as of 26 May, AgriCensus reported the country's agriculture ministry as saying.

Further progress was expected to be limited with about a third of the area normally available to Ukrainian farmers – some 12M ha – inaccessible due to occupation by Russian troops, close proximity of farmland to hostilities, landmines in fields and damaged ordnance, tanks and other material in liberated territories, the 26 May report said.

With spring sowing coming to an end, it was possible to make estimates on the potential harvest for 2022, AgriCensus wrote.

The Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business (UCAB) forecast that this year, Ukraine could harvest close to 50M tonnes of grain and 16M tonnes of oilseeds, specifically:

• Wheat: 18M tonnes (against 32.2M tonnes in 2021)

• Corn: 25.7M tonnes (42.1M tonnes in 2021)

• Barley: 5.2M tonnes (9.4M tonnes in 2021)

• Other grain crops: 1.4M tonnes (2.3M tonnes in 2021)

• Sunflower: 10.6M tonnes (6.4M tonnes in 2021)

• Soyabeans: 3M tonnes (3.5M tonnes 2021)

• Rapeseed: 2.7M tonnes (2.9M tonnes in 2021)

“Soyabean and rapeseed show the lowest gross harvest reduction due to the relatively small weight of the crop combined with a high price, which facilitates logistics in exports,” said Svitlana Lytvyn, a Ukraine-based analyst at UCAB. “Therefore, some farmers have increased these crops.”

However, total gross harvest would be reduced due to a lower sown area and reduced yields resulting from less fertilisers, and other yield inputs.