Ukraine’s largest train trader, Nibulon, announced on 18 July that it plans to build at least 10 river transshipment terminals for bulk cargo along the Dnipro River, the Southern Buh River and other navigable rivers in the country.

The announcement was made at the opening of the company’s new transshipment terminal in Hola Prystan town, Kherson region.

Nibulon is one of Ukraine’s largest domestic producers and exporters of agricultural products including wheat, barley, corn, rye and sunflower.
Its transhipment terminal for grain and oilseed crops in Mykolayiv city handles wheat, barley, corn and rapeseed. It also has elevators in Cherkasy, Kherson, Khmelnyts’kyv, Kyiv, Mykolayiv, Poltava, Zaporizhzhya and Zhytomyr regions handling these crops.

Nibulon general director Oleksiy Vadaturskyy said the newest terminal in Hola Prystan had a capacity to transship up to 300,000 tonnes/year of grain and would remove almost 20,000 heavy-duty trucks from the highways of Kherson region.

“In addition, it is the closest point on the Dnipro River to transport cargo to the export terminal and to the Black Sea; this will take only eight hours.”
During the opening ceremony of the Hola Prystan terminal, Nibulon and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed a US$90M loan agreement to help develop water transportation infrastructure and cargo shipbuilding in Ukraine.

Nibulon said that having already signed a €74M (US$87.6M) loan agreement with the European Invesetment Bank and a US$100M loan agreement with the International Finance Corporation in the last six months, the company would be able to invest about UAH7bn (US$270M) in developing the infrastructure of the agricultural sector.
“The loan implies money not only for such facilities; this is a programme to revive the transport waterways of Ukraine,” Vadaturskyy said. “This is the revival of Ukrainian shipbuilding. We have built about 60 vessels. In the coming years, we will build 40 more vessels using the same money.”