Leading Russian transport and logistics holding company Delo Group has opened a reconstructed deep water grain terminal in the port of Novorossiysk, World Grain reported on 21 July.

Delo Group said it had invested approximately US$68M in the project, which had become known as the ‘Reconstruction of KSK Grain Terminal’, according to the report.

While the terminal could previously only receive vessels with a deadweight of up to 50,000 tonnes, it could now handle grain carriers with deadweight up to 100,000 tones, World Grain wrote.

As a result, KSK’s planned capacity had increased to 7M tonnes/year, Delo Group was quoted as saying.

The KSK terminal ranks as number two in terms of trans-shipment volumes in Russia, according to the report.

“Today we are not just opening a new modern port infrastructure facility,” Delo Group owner Sergey Shishkarev was quoted as saying. “We mark the completion of a major comprehensive investment project launched in 2015 for the reconstruction of the NUTEP and KSK terminals.”

Novorossiysk was one of the most important transport locations in the region, according to Russian Federation deputy minister of agriculture Oksana Lut, World Grain wrote, with about 90% of domestic grain exports going by sea, mostly through the Azov-Black Sea ports.

“Projects like this are very important from the point of view of further increasing exports and improving transport accessibility,” Lut was quoted as saying.

Delo Group manages sea container terminals in the Azov-Black Sea, Baltic and Far Eastern basins, a network of railway container terminals, a fleet of containers and fitting platforms, according to the World Grain report.

The group’s stevedore assets in the port of Novorossiysk were owned and operated by holding company DeloPorts, the report said.