Following the EU’s decision to consider genome edited (GE) crops as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is intending to ramp up its efforts to work with global partners towards science-based regulatory approaches.

US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue called for government policies that encouraged “scientific innovation without creating unnecessary barriers or unjustifiably stigmatising new technologies”, adding that the EU ruling was a setback for such development, reported AGDaily on 30 July.

“[The EU ruling] narrowly considers newer GE methods to be within the scope of the EU’s regressive and outdated regulations governing GMOs,” said Perdue.

He called for the EU to seek input from the scientific and agricultural communities and its trading partners to determine the appropriate implementation of the ruling due to the “great promise” GE held for agriculture.

“The global regulatory treatment of GE agricultural products has strategic innovations and trade implications for US agriculture. For this reason, the USDA has clear science- and risk-based policies that enable needed innovation while continuing to ensure these products are safe,” Perdue said.