World olive oil output for 2015/2016 will increase by 790,500 tonnes this last season, according to the latest production figures released by the International Olive Council (IOC).

This year’s total, estimated to exceed 3.225M tonnes, will come close to the record 3.271M tonnes produced in the 2014/2015 production season, Olive Oil Times reported.

“The world’s largest olive oil producers, Spain and Italy, have had a strong season with a 65% increase in production for Spain, and a 112% increase for Italy compared to the 2014/2015 season, which was the worst experienced by both countries in the past two decades,” the report said. “Greece has also seen a slight increase of 3% while Portugal is poised for a 65% rise in production.”

Non-EU olive oil producing countries, such as Algeria, Morocco, Libya, and Egypt, would only see slight production increases, with the most significant figures coming from Argentina, which had seen a 317% boost in its production. Modestly higher results were noted in Iran (30%) and Jordan (26%).

A few countries had experienced a fall in production, notably Tunisia with 59% less than last year, when it experienced a record crop, Olive Oil Times said.

“Turkey, Israel, Albania and Lebanon are also experiencing a decline in olive oil production for the 2015/2016 season.