The World Trade Organization (WHO) has ruled in favour of several of Argentina’s complaints filed with the international body against anti-dumping duties imposed on biodiesel imports by the EU, Reuters reported on 29 March.

In addition to the ruling it said that the EU did not violate the WTO’s anti-dumping agreement, the Buenos Aires Herald said, but it did uphold the claims that the EU had been inconsistent with the pact.

The WTO’s ruling, which began in late 2013, said the EU must bring its measures into conformity.

The EU accused Argentina of ‘dumping’ or selling biodiesel at below production cost, which harms local producers.

Argentina filed a complaint with the WTO in 2013 over the EU’s decision and said the measures were protectionist.

Argentina's Foreign Ministry said the EU was seeking to shelter inefficient local producers, the Buenos Aires Herald reported.

Head of Argentina’s biodiesel industry chamber, CARBIO, Luis Zubizarreta, said the decision was “excellent news”, according to Reuters. “The EU’s decision regarding Argentine biodiesel was unjust, now we’ll be able to reopen a market that we had developed very well”.

Both sides have 60 days to file an appeal.