The World Trade Organization (WHO)’s Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) has agreed to a request submitted by Indonesia to review the European Union (EU)’s countervailing duties on Indonesian biodiesel imports, Biodiesel magazine reported.

Following a request by the European Biodiesel Board on 4 July, the EU opened an investigation in August into whether Indonesia had circumvented UE countervailing duties on imports of biodiesel originating in the country by routing the fuel through China and the UK, the report said.

Indonesia had submitted two requests seeking the establishment of a panel to determine whether the countervailing duties were in line with WTO rules, Biodiesel magazine wrote on 29 November.

According to the WTO website, after the EU said it was not in a position to agree to Indonesia’s first request at a DSB meeting on 26 October, Indonesia had repeated its right to protect its national interests urging the EU to make its measures conform with WTO provisions.

According to the WTO, the EU said it believed the measures at stake were fully justified and it was confident its measures would be declared in line with WTO law.

The DSB had now agreed to establish the panel and the USA, UK, Norway, the Russian Federation, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Canada, China, Argentina, and Turkey had reserved their third-party rights to participate in the panel proceedings, the report said.