Since it was first detected in Propriano, Corsica on 22 July 2015, there has been much concern that Xylella fastidiosa could spread further on the French island.

In January, two new zones were undergoing treatment to eradicate infected plants, Olive Oil Times reported last week.

There were 194 confirmed cases in Corsicao by the end of 2015, which had risen to 233 by the end of January 2016.

The confirmed cases were mostly concentrated in southern Corsica in Corse-du-Sud.

EU rules stipulate that a radius of 10km must be maintained around each infected zone.

On Corsica, this resulted in 40% of the island becoming a buffer zone – an area of 3,766km2, Olive Oil Times said.

Also in February, government authorities were finalising a compensation plan for losses resulting from the destruction of plants infected by Xf.