Oils & Fats International (OFI): Launched in 1985, OFI specialises in the global oil crops and animal fats industry, with a flagship magazine, newsletter and worldwide conferences and exhibitions.

The Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) is an intergovernmental organisation established in November 2015 to strengthen mutual cooperation between palm oil-producing countries and represent their interests, with Indonesia and Malaysia as founding members. The Council seeks to unite the world’s palm oil producers and represent their priorities, interests and aspirations.

MVO – The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry – MVO is committed to oils and fats in a sustainable world, is partner in achieving a balance between People, Planet and Profit and represents 95% of companies in the Netherlands that are active in the production, processing and trade of vegetable and animal oils and fats through contacts with the government, politics, social organisations, science and media.

GAPKI: The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) – locally known as Gabungan
Pengusaha Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (GAPKI) – works with the country’s central and regional governments to formulate policies for a sustainable palm oil industry and to develop Indonesia’s competitiveness in the global palm oil market.


Euro Fed Lipid is a federation of 11 scientific associations concerned with lipids, fats and oils. The federation represents 2,000 individuals and companies. Its mission is the furthering of lipid science and technology and the cooperation and exchange of ideas between scientists and technologists at a European level.

FOSFA International is a trade federation operating on behalf of its more than 1,200 members. It provides standard contract forms and supporting services that are the foundation for fair and transparent global free trade and in oils, oilseeds and fats. FOSFA’s members - representing buyers, sellers, producers and processors, analysts, surveyors and brokers – operate from 90 countries and rely on FOSFA’s services to confidently execute contracts and keep the shipping and transportation of commodities simple and reliable.

NOFOTA (Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association) is the Dutch umbrella organisation of companies connected to the production, consumption and trade of vegetable and animal oils and fats, oilseeds and their derivatives. The association draws up standard contracts, which are used internationally, and provides a mechanism for the settlement of disputes by its arbitration institute.

Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia (PORAM) was formed in 1975 primarily to present a representative voice to the Government and the trade in all matters related to the palm oil industry.

Being a trade association, PORAM is a voluntary, non-profit organization. Its members comprise of companies involved in the refining and related downstream processing of palm oil, palm kernel oil and other vegetable oils including ancillary services.