Press-Oil Clarification and Lecithin Production. The secret‘s in the process: The link between Press-Oil-Clarification and Lecithin production

Patrick Schuermann, Application Sales Manager for Renewable Resources, GEA

This presentation is about how you can save a considerable amount of energy, space and investment in your water degumming stage and at the same time get more valuable product out of your raw materials. For this, we will take you into the secrets of press oil clarification, compare filters and decanter centrifuges and explain where you can find the lecithin again that seems to disappear when adding just a little bit of water before clarification. Spoiler-alert: it’s in your extraction oil. In the second part we will present how to extract the lecithin from the extraction oil in the best possible way so that you not only have on-top product to sell but also an on-top product in high quality. A comparative analysis between crude oil clarification and miscella clarification will underscore the advantages of adopting an updated process setup.