Oils & Fats International Issue
February 2021

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February 2021

Our February 2021 issue gives an update on the EU biofuels market and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Renewable Energy Directive II and the expanding domestic supply and blending of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

In a special focus, we look at the role antioxidants play in preserving the shelf life of edible oils used in dressings, sauces and marinades.

We also report on the challenges facing the global sunflower oil market and the development and uptake of marine biofuels.

OFI’s regular mix of news, event listings and statistics also feature in this issue.

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February 2021 highlights

Editor’s Comment

Brexit is done


USA blocks imports of Sime Darby palm oil

Biofuel News

Malaysia launches WTO complaint against EU

Renewable News

BASF sells surfactant, sterol and ester site

Transport News

Cargill acquires stake in Port Qasim terminal

Biotech News

China approves GM corn as feed demand grows

Diary of Events

International events listings


February features

EU Biodiesel

Towards HVO

Sunflower Oil

Challenges ahead

Antioxidants & Sauces

A natural pairing

Marine Biofuels

Fuelling the future

March/April 2021 features

Oleochemicals, surfactants, detergents – Supply and demand drivers for fatty acids and fatty alcohols

Soyabean oil – Its increasing use in biodiesel

Technology – Round-up of new projects and developments around the world

China – Market update