Oils & Fats International Issue
June 2020

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June 2020

Our June 2020 issue includes insights into the important role that bleaching earths play in mitigating levels of 3-MCPD esters and the removal of metal impurities from edible oils. It also looks at how slurrying spent bleaching earth with oil offers a profitable way to dispose of this waste material.

Focusing on packaging, we examine how the hermetic sealing of bottles and jars containing oils and fats ingredients can help reduce waste.

The June issue includes the OFI 2020 Plant & Technology Guide ­- a fully updated global selection of plant and equipment suppliers to the oils and fats industry- accompanied by a wall chart of company activities.

OFI’s regular mix of news, event listings and statistics also feature in this issue.

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June 2020 highlights

  • Editor’s Comment - Deal on track?
  • News - Glencore makes Vicentin offer
  • Biofuel News - Argentine exports come to standstill
  • Transport News - Paraná water levels not likely to improve soon
  • Renewable News - More palm oil sales for oleochemicals
  • Diary of Events - International events listings
  • Statistics

June features

  • Bleaching Earths - Adsorbents to tackle 3-MCPD
    - Profitable SBE disposal
    - Removal of metals
  • Packaging - Waste not, want not
  • Plant and Technology - OFI Annual 2020 Plant & Technology Guide and company listings

Bonus circulation
17th Global Oleochem Outlook China, Xiamen, China, 15-17 July 2020

July/August features

Oilseeds - Extraction of CBD oil
- Biotech camelina offers alternative omega 3 source

Transport/Logistics/Shipping/Storage - The impact of COVID-19 on Indian imports/exports and logistics

Renewable resources - The growth of biosurfactants

Africa - Developing the oil palm sector

Deep frying - Regulations governing the safety and quality of frying oils
Natural oil protection solutions for deep frying oil

Bonus circulation
Black Sea Oil Trade, Kiev, Ukraine, 17 September 2020

Globoil India, Goa, India, 30 October-1 November 2020