Oils & Fats International Issue
May 2020

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May 2020

Our May 2020 issue focuses on how Russia is aiming to be a leading oils and fats exporter by increasing domestic output and providing additional support for exporters.

We examine the global margarine/spreads market followed by an analysis of the international butter sector which is facing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The May issue provides a round-up of the latest news and developments relating to projects and technology around the world.

And we report on oils used in Ukraine’s growing retail and catering sector.

OFI’s regular mix of news, event listings and statistics also feature in this issue.

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May 2020 highlights

  • Editor’s Comment - Global effect
  • News - Some food export bans imposed
  • Biofuel News - COVID-19 hits fuel ethanol demand
  • Transport & Logistics News - Shipping and logistics disrupted by COVID-19
  • Renewable News - European glycerine prices triple as biodiesel use falls
  • Biotech News - Bayer settles Roundup labelling case
  • Diary of Events - International events listings
  • Statistics

May features

  • Russia - Focus on exports
  • Margarine & Spreads - Butter's rival
  • Plant & Technology -Global round-up of projects
  • Ukraine - Retail and catering oils

Forthcoming June features

  • Bleaching earths - The role of inorganic and organic chlorines in 3-MCPDE formation and the mitigating role of bleaching earths
    - Profitable spent bleaching earth disposal
    - Removal of metals
  • Plant & Technology - OFI Annual 2020 Plant & Technology Guide and company listings
  • Packaging - Overcoming glass sealing jar challenges

Bonus circulation
17th Global Oleochem Outlook China, Xiamen, China, 15-17 July 2020