Oils & Fats International Issue
September/October 2020

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September/October 2020

Our September/October 2020 issue includes an in-depth look at a company which supplies speciality fats, sourced from Indian butter seeds, to confectionery and cosmetics firms worldwide.

In our sustainability feature we include details of Malaysia’s progress towards achieving the certification of its entire palm oil sector.

We also examine how cultured fats can mimic the richness of animal fats in alternative meat products.

In addition, the September/October issue includes features on the rise in popularity of plant-based foods and a report on the crucial role the Australian rendering industry plays in supporting the country’s global meat trade.

OFI’s regular mix of news, event listings and statistics also feature in this issue.

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September/October 2020 highlights

Editor’s Comment

Action on obesity


Obesity nearly doubles risk of dying from COVID-19

Biofuel News

WTO moves ahead with Indonesia case against EU

Transport News

First COVID cases at port terminals in Argentina

Renewable News

Unilever to cut fossil fuels from products

Biotech News

Yield10 to test gene-edited canola

Diary of Events

International events listings


September/October features

Sustainable Palm Oil

Setting high standards

Speciality Fats

Pioneer in exotic butters

Plant & Equipment

Global round-up of projects


Australia focuses on global trade


OFI reports on some of the latest developments from around the world

Plant-based Foods

Meat the future

Cultured Fats

Towards sustainable meat

A bonus distribution of this issue will be made at the:

North American Renderers Association (NARA) Annual Convention, Naples, Florida, 3-6 November 2020

November/December features


Latest technological developments explained by leading oils and fats technology suppliers

Transports/logistics + USA

Report on US logistics for vegetable and palm oils


A look at new research into sourcing omega-3 oil from GM camelina


Global news and developments round-up

Bonus circulation

Indonesia Palm Oil Conference (IPOC) New Normal online event, 2-3 December 2020


Fuels of the Future online event, 18-22 January 2021