Swedish plant-based oils company AAK has announced the launch of a cocoa butter substitute (CBS) compound.

A patented, plant-based CBS compound that allowed up to 15% of cocoa ingredients for cocoa flavour, AAK’s CEBES Choco 15 was also free from trans fatty acids (TFAs), the company said.

Although using a CBS to create chocolate compounds could significantly reduce formulation costs for products such as confectionery bars and baked goods, most options on the market presented issues with bloom and sensory qualities if the amount of cocoa ingredients exceeded 5%, AAK said on 15 May.

“Cost is becoming an increasingly important factor for consumers, but taste remains the primary criterion for chocolate confectionery purchasing decisions,” AAK global director of chocolate & confectionery fats Luis Parra said.

Headquartered in Malmö, AAK is active in a range of industries including chocolate & confectionery, bakery, dairy, plant-based foods, special nutrition, food service and personal care.