Global agribusiness giant ADM has teamed up with renewable chemicals company P2 Science to develop a set of plant-based products, Perfumer & Flavorist reported on 29 July.

The joint development agreement (JDA) between the two companies followed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) they had signed in January.

The first products covered by the JDA included, but were not limited to, renewable terpene monomers and polymers, mid-chain fatty alcohols and acids, polyesters, polyamides, plasticisers and surfactants. Some of the markets for the new products included cosmetics, skincare, paint and coatings, automotive, construction, clothing, personal care and industrial cleaning.

“We are pleased that our collaboration with ADM has homed in so quickly on some key product and market areas, including developing advanced renewable alternatives to traditional silicone products,” said P2 Science CEO Neil Burns.

“One area, the strengthening and broadening of the terpene supply chain to support growth of our Citropol renewable liquid polymer products, will help us further penetrate the cosmetic and other markets for this platform.”

ADM’s portfolio of plant-based products included vegetable oils, terpenes and carbohydrates, as well as advanced processes and fermentation technology, Perfumer & Flavorist said, while P2 had complementary patented green chemistry process technologies that were used in the cosmetics, skincare and fragrance markets.