Global agribusiness giant Archers Daniels Midland (ADM) has announced the opening of an extrusion facility in Serbia to supply non-genetically modified (GM) textured soya protein.

Opened less than a year after ADM’s acquisition of European non-GM soya ingredients provider SojaProtein, the company said the new facility would increase its extrusion capacity in the region and would extend its production of non-GM textured soya protein to include origination and extrusion capabilities.

“Our new extrusion facility not only increases the supply of locally sourced, non-GM textured soya protein in Europe, which is in high demand, it also matches the pace of the incredible expansion of the meat alternatives category in the EMEA region,” ADM’s president of global foods, Leticia Gonçalves, said.

The facility would produce non-GM soya proteins, the company said on 19 September, with 90% of the soya sourced grown locally.

“Our operational synergies with SojaProtein have made… strides to meet demand for non-GM soya protein. We’ll see continued growth with the broader protein solutions toolbox and improved R&D capabilities through the opening of our facility,” Gonçalves added.