US agribusiness cooperative Ag Processing (AGP) is planning to build a new soyabean processing plant near David City, Nebraska, the company announced.

The 50M bushels/year facility is due to be operational in 2025, according to the 28 January statement, subject to regulatory approvals.

“Domestic and global demand for soyabean meal and soyabean oil continues to grow. The David City location will also improve the company’s ability to market soyabean meal to the Pacific Rim through AGP’s export terminal in Aberdeen, Washington,” AGP’s CEO Chris Schaffer said.

“AGP is currently considering investments that will significantly increase our export capabilities to meet the expected growth in domestic protein supply.”

AGP’s primary operations include soyabean processing/refining, soyabean meal, refined soyabean oil and biodiesel production and marketing.

The company’s other activities include domestic and international agricultural product trading and it has a number of US grain elevator operations.

Nebraska-headquartered AGP is owned by local and regional cooperatives representing farmer-producers across the USA.