Leading US agribusiness cooperative Ag Processing Inc (AGP) will be carrying out a major expansion and upgrade of its export facilities at the Port of Grays Harbour (POGH) in Aberdeen, Washington, the company announced.

The company said the plans comprised upgrades to its current facilities at its deep-water berths Terminal 2 and POGH’s Terminal 4. Additional storage will be built at Terminal 2 and a new ship loader would be built at Terminal 4.

AGP said the expansion would enable the company to load multiple ships up to, and including, Panamax-sized vessels.

The upgraded facilities are due to become operational in 2025, subject to regulatory approval of the project, according to the 22 March statement.

“With the expansion in US soyabean crush capacity driven by the demand for renewable diesel feedstock, soyabean meal production in the USA will outpace historical increases in domestic usage,” AGP’s CEO Chris Schaffer said.

“AGP’s western US processing locations fit well to supply additional protein to the growing Southeast Asian and Asian markets. The USA currently provides less than 20% of overall Southeast Asian soya meal demand.”

AGP’s primary operations include soyabean processing/refining, and the production and marketing of soyabean meal, refined soyabean oil and biodiesel.

The company’s other activities include domestic and international agricultural product trading and it has a number of US grain elevator operations.

Nebraska-headquartered AGP is owned by local and regional cooperatives representing farmer-producers across the USA.