US soyabean processing cooperative AGP is expanding crushing capacity at its Sergeant Bluff facility in Iowa, AGP announced on 19 November.

“The project is aligned with our strategic plan of continued growth of our core soyabean processing business to better serve the cooperative system and our rural communities,” AGP chairman of the board Lowell Wilson said.

Domestic and global demand for soyabean meal and soyabean oil continues to grow, according to AGP CEO Chris Schaffer.

AGP said the final details of the expansion plan were subject to regulatory approval and dependent on negotiations with state and local officials.

Nebraska-headquartered AGP is owned by more than 150 local and regional cooperatives throughout the Midwest, representing over 200,000 farmers.

According to AGP’s website, its primary activities include soyabean processing/refining and the production and marketing of soyabean meal, refined soyabean oil and biodiesel. It also produces and markets AminoPlus, a soya bypass protein product for the dairy industry.

The cooperative operates 10 soyabean processing plants in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota, four soyabean oil refineries, and three biodiesel production facilities.