Amyris technology to give boost to CBD skin care

US biotech ingredients firm Amyris hopes to be the first company to produce highly pure and efficacious cannabidiol (CBD) from fermentation technology at commercial scale, reported on 17 March.

The company supplied biotech ingredients to the Biossance skin care and Pipette baby care brands and teamed up with a cellular agriculture company called LAVVAN in 2019 to accelerate progress toward this goal, with Amyris contributing the R&D and LAVVAN handing the manufacturing and commercialisation, the report said.

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant with growing medical, food and skin care applications.

Amyris specialises in modifying the DNA of yeast to produce cosmetic and health ingredients such as its Neossance Squalane emollient, using sugarcane as a feedstock.

It posted new research data recently highlighting the advantages of CBD skin care with Neossance Squalane, said.

Studies conducted by Cosmo Technical Center and the R&D Division of NIKKOL Group looked at how various oils and fats carried and delivered CBD to the epidermis, comparing medium-chain triglycerides (MC), jojoba oil, sunflower oil, hemp seed oil and Neossance Squalane.

According to data posted on the Amyris site, the company’s squalane was a more effective carrier by 10-40 times than the other oils. said cannabinoids were expected to be a big opportunity in the cosmetics market and CBD was just one of several cannabinoids being used in skin care and wellness product formulations.