The soyabean harvest in central Argentina is producing highly variable yields due to irregular and uneven rains during the growth cycle, AgriCensus reported the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange (BAGE) as saying on 25 March.

In its report, BAGE kept its output estimate for Argentina unchanged at 44M tonnes saying that it would be able to confirm that number as the harvest speeds up in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, rainfall in the north led to improved moisture conditions and this was expected to have a positive impact on yields for plots sown later in the season.

The sunflower seed harvest had reached 74% despite being slowed by recent rains, according to the report.

“Rainfall records in recent weeks slowed the rate of harvesting, but it is expected that in the next few days the passage of the storm front will culminate, and work will resume,” the exchange said.

National yields averaged at 2.14 tonnes/ha as better results in the north of La Pampa-west of Buenos Aires offset losses in southern areas, with the output estimate held at 2.7M tonnes.