German chemical and biotech giant BASF has expanded its range of palm-based surfactants with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification, the company announced on 30 June.

The company’s Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe business now offers its European customers more than 150 palm-based surfactants.

“With our expanded range of RSPO-certified surfactants, we are helping our customers meet their ambition to use certified, sustainable palm (kernel) oil-based products and reduce carbon in their value chain,” BASF senior vice president, Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe, Soeren Hildebrandt said.

Since 2020, BASF said it had sourced palm (kernel) oils exclusively from RSPO-certified sustainable sources and, by 2025, it planned to extend its voluntary certified sourcing commitment to include significant intermediates which are based on palm oil and palm (kernel) oil, such as fatty alcohols and fatty acids.

BASF produces palm-based ingredients for cosmetic products, detergents and cleaning agents, and industrial applications. The majority of oil palm products used by BASF are based on palm kernel oil and its derivatives, and to a lesser extent on palm oil.

The company is organised into six segments: chemicals; materials; industrial solutions; surface technologies; nutrition & care and agricultural solutions. Its care chemicals division’s portfolio includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, chelating agents, cosmetic active ingredients and UV filters.