German chemical and biotech giant BASF and Swiss fluid engineering company Sulzer Chemtech have announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop technologies for renewable fuels and chemically recycled plastics.

The partnership will involve working towards reducing the carbon intensity of renewable diesel and aviation fuel, the companies said in a joint statement on 24 August, and developing chemical processing solutions to improve the conversion of plastic waste into new plastics.

The collaboration combined the two companies’ complementary areas of expertise, the statement said, integrating Sulzer Chemtech’s capabilities in licensed processing technologies and mass transfer equipment with BASF’s high-performance adsorbents and catalysts.

“The MoU with BASF allows us to broaden the scope of our portfolio and will lead to improved value offerings in both renewable fuels and the plastics recycling value chain,” Sulzer Chemtech president Torsten Wintergerste said.

Sulzer Chemtech is an established licensor for process technologies for renewable fuels and chemical recycling of plastics.

BASF Process Catalysts is developing a range of initiatives aimed at turning plastic waste into a secondary raw material, including its newly developed PuriCycle portfolio. BASF also provides adsorbent and catalytic materials to produce clean and renewable fuels.