Source: BDI-BioEnergy International
Source: BDI-BioEnergy International

Austrian plant manufacturer BDI-BioEnergy International (BDI) has completed work on a new biodiesel plant in Bakersfield, California, for US biodiesel producer Crimson Renewable Energy.

The plant will mainly operate with waste oils and fats collected in the local region, particularly from central and southern California, according to the 15 April statement.

Feedstock would come from restaurants, industrial kitchens and food processors, and rendering facilities, BDI said.

The plant will include BDI’s patented RepCAT technology, featuring a recyclable catalyst.

“With this newest generation of biodiesel plant, we can respond to any changes in raw material availability and achieve the maximum possible flexibility,” Crimson’s CEO Harry Simpson said. “BDI’s RepCAT technology is on track to produce over 49.2M litres/year (13M gallons/year), removing an additional 135,000 of carbon dioxide annually.”

The Bakersfield project followed an earlier collaboration between the two companies in 2016, when BDI carried out a retrofit of Crimson’s first biodiesel plant. Following the latest partnership, Crimson’s total production capacity at Bakersfield would be more than 140M liter’s/year (37M gallons/year), BDI said.

Styria-based BDI-BioEnergy International is a specialist in biodiesel technology development and plant construction.

Crimson Renewable Energy Holdings are leading producers of biodiesel in the Western USA and one of the largest used cooking oil (UCO) and grease trap collection companies on the West Coast.