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United Arab Emirates (UAE) recycling company Bee'ah Tandeef is planning to launch the country’s first community used cooking oil (UCO) recycling programme, Gulf Today wrote.

Bee'ah Tandeef is planning to set up collection machines in communities in Sharjah and other areas, according to the 27 December report.

“The typical way to dispose of used cooking oil has detrimental effects on the environment, burdens public infrastructure, creates inconvenience for people in their homes and poses a risk to a good quality of life,” Bee’ah Group CEO Khaled Al Huraimel said.

“By launching the used cooking oil recycling service, Bee’ah Tandeef is turning these challenges into an opportunity.”

Following collection, Bee’ah Tandeef will turn the waste cooking oil into biodiesel, according to the report, which would be used to fuel its fleet of waste collection trucks, creating a circular economy.

The company was planning to operate a number of used oil collection machines, where community members could deposit UCO in specific bottles provided by the company, Gulf Today wrote.

Community members could call 800 TANDEEF 9826333 to collect their first UCO collection bottle and, following a deposit, the collection machine dispensed a new empty bottle, the report said.

The first UCO collection machine has been installed near the Sharjah National Park parking lot, according to Gulf Today.