US food technology company Benson Hill has launched a range of non-genetically-modified (non-GMO) soya ingredients, the company announced on 10 February.

Benson Hill said the TruVail range included high-protein soya flour, soya protein concentrate and texturised proteins for use in traditional soya protein applications as well as plant-based protein alternatives.

TruVail ingredients are sourced from Benson Hill’s proprietary Ultra-High Protein (UHP) soyabeans.

The company said the resulting ingredient was a more sustainable alternative to commodity soya protein concentrate (SPC), requiring up to 70% less water and up to 50% less CO2 to produce.

The company said its recent acquisition of ZFS Creston, an established food grade white flake and soya flour manufacturing operation in southwest Iowa, meant it could deliver its TruVail portfolio for a range of food applications. These included established markets for soya-based ingredients such as snacks and baked goods as well as applications in the plant-based protein market.