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Argentine agriculture biotech start-up Bioheuris has partnered with global plant genetics company GDM to develop high yielding soyabeans using gene editing, the companies announced on 29 June.

“Bioheuris’ miniaturised high-throughput approach is able to mimic in a few weeks in the lab what it would take hundreds of acres and years of field trials to accomplish,” Bioheuris CEO and co-founder Lucas Lieber said.

“Partnering with GDM to improve elite soyabeans is an important step towards bringing farmers access to more integrated crop protection solutions on high yielding varieties.”

Rosario-based Bioheuris uses synthetic biology and gene editing to improve crop management and has developed weed management systems for corn, soyabeans, cotton, rice, sorghum and alfalfa.

GDM has 16 breeding stations globally, 700 testing locations, and carries out tests on more than 1.5M plots/year.