BBAPP buildings at EECi site
BBAPP buildings at EECi site

A new biorefinery pilot plant is set to be launched in Thailand by a joint venture between the National Science and Technology Bio Base Europe Plant (BBEPP), in Belgium, and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), in Thailand, the partners announced.

The launch of the Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant (BBAPP) biorefinery pilot plant, due to be built at the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi), at Wangchan Valley (Rayong Province), Thailand, followed on from the establishment of a similar facility in Ghent, Belgium, the 22 April statement said.

“Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant consists of two separate pilot facilities for good manufacturing practice (GMP) and non-GMP activities. The non-GMP facility serves the industry that is active in biochemicals, biomaterials and other relevant bioproducts, while the GMP facility will focus on applications in food, feed, cosmetics and nutraceuticals,” Prof Wim Soetaert, CEO of Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant, said.

“The services broadly cover biomass pre-treatment, industrial biotechnology (microbial fermentation and biocatalysis), green chemistry and downstream processing operations to transform low-value biomass raw materials into a wide range of high-value bioproducts.”

Currently under construction, the Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant was due to become fully operational in 2024.