Dutch speciality edible oils and fats company Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) has introduced a total fat system solution designed to reduce the sugar content of confectionery, the company announced on 13 May.

BLC said the new Sweetolin solution comprised a combination of ingredients that could reduce the sugar content of confectionery by up to 50% while preserving the overall taste and mouthfeel that sugar brought to a final product.

“Guided first and foremost by the goal to deliver a great tasting experience, Sweetolin is truly cutting edge in that it is the first innovation that targets sugar reduction through fat,” said Holger Riemensperger, BLC’s VP innovation and strategy development.

“Sweetolin is designed to meet the specific needs and ambitions of our confectionery customers and will help them to deliver sugar-reduced innovations without compromising on the taste and indulgence true to their brands,” added Rafael Zegarra, BLC’s global marketing director.

BLC said the solution was the culmination of years of lipid and fats expertise combined with an understanding of its customers’ challenges.

“This is a specialised fat system that can be integrated seamlessly into our customer’s fat processing operations with our R&D support,” added BLC’s global innovation lead Imro ‘t Zand.
BLC operates as the global edible oils business of US agribusiness giant Bunge.