Blue Horizon invests in healthy fats project with Cubiq Foods

Global investor Blue Horizon Ventures (BHV) has joined Moira Capital Partners to help Spanish fats specialist Cubiq Foods accelerate its development of cell-based oils rich in omega 3 fatty acids, the companies announced on 15 May.

The two companies are investing €5M (US$54.75M) in Cubiq Foods, which plans to launch two new products later this year focused on sustainable omega-3 production and healthier vegan fats.

Cubiq Foods uses cell culture and oil/water emulsions (gelling) to replaced saturated vegetable and animal fat ingredients in food production.

Its vegan Smart Fat product is a sustainable emulsion aimed at replacing animal fats in processed meat products and dairy derivatives, and saturated vegetable fats (such as coconut oil) in vegan food products.

The company’s micro03 product is a micro-encapsulated omega-3 ingredient designed for ‘functional foods’. The firm said multi-layer micro-encapsulation protected the highly concentrated essential oils, maintaining their properties without any of the fish flavours.

“We are ready to deliver a new generation of nutritious, healthy and accessible products at industrial scale by the end of this year,” said Andrés Montefeltro, CEO and co-founder of Cubiq Foods.

Moira Capital Partners is a private equity boutique in Spain specialising in direct investments for private and institutional investors.