British multinational oil and gas company BP is investing around US$270M in three projects at its Cherry Point Refinery in Washington, USA, the company announced on 4 October.

The combined projects would improve the refinery’s efficiency, reduce its emissions and increase its renewable diesel production, the company said.

BP said the investment was in line with the company’s aim to be net zero across its operations by 2050 or earlier and to reduce the carbon intensity of its products by 50% by the same date or earlier.

The investment comprised a US$169M hydrocracker improvement project (HIP), a US$55M cooling water infrastructure project (CWI) and a US$45M renewable diesel optimisation (RDO) project that would more than double the refinery’s production capability to an estimated 2.6M barrels/year, BP said.

Cherry Point Refinery produces renewable diesel from biomass-based feedstocks, such as vegetable oils and rendered animal fats and the additional renewable diesel production was expected to be available next year, according to the statement.

Work on the hydrocracker and cooling water projects was expected to begin this year and was due for completion in 2023, BP said.