Speciality chemicals company LANXESS and global energy giant BP have partnered on a project to produce plastics from sustainable raw materials, LANXESS announced on 13 October.

As part of the partnership, BP will supply sustainably produced cyclohexane to LANXESS’ production site in Antwerp, Belgium, starting in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the statement.

Following the agreement, both companies, which have had a long-standing business relationship, wanted to significantly advance the production of sustainable plastics, LANXESS said.

“High-performance plastics are the solution for many sustainable products... It is now important to also make the production of this valuable material sustainable. In this context, the use of bio-based raw materials, along with modern recycling processes, is a key lever,” LANXESS head of global procurement and logistics Marcel Beermann said.

BP said it used bio-based feedstocks, such as rapeseed oil or biomass, for the production of “green” cyclohexane.

LANXESS uses cyclohexane as a precursor in the production of polyamide 6, a high-performance plastic used primarily in the automotive industry, as well as in the electrical and consumer goods sectors.