BP to supply NEXT with used cooking oils, animal fats and tallow

NEXT Renewable Fuels (NEXT), USA, and oil and gas giant BP have entered a long-term feedstock supply agreement, in which NEXT will buy 2M tonnes/year of renewable feedstocks from BP for its planned renewable diesel facility in Port Westward, Oregon.

BP would supply used cooking oils, animal fats and tallows, greases and virgin seed oils from its global feedstock aggregation and sourcing network under the agreement, altenergymag reported on 28 May.

NEXT would continue to develop its Oregon renewable diesel facility – which represented a more than US$1bn investment, with an expected annual processing capacity of 2.7bn litres.

BP’s multi-year supply to the plant was the largest single renewable feedstock sourcing agreement contracted for a renewable fuel facility, alterngymag said.

“Sourcing of quality renewable feedstock is a critical component of bringing on-line the world's largest renewable diesel facility.” NEXT president Lou Soumas said.

NEXT anticipated the completion of the Oregon plant in 2021, when BP would start supplying the facility.

“As part of BP's mission to help our customers and consumers lower their emissions, we are pleased to be supplying renewable feedstocks to NEXT as they begin producing renewable diesel fuel,” said Jason Breslaw, BP's renewable feedstock and biodistillate business development manager for the Americas.