Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem is set to expand its production of biopolymers from sugarcane.

As part of the move to increase production, Braskem was also forming partnerships with other firms, the company said on 25 October.

The plan to invest around US$60M in expanding production of the company’s ‘I’m Green’ biopolymer range by 30% was in line with its aim to become carbon neutral by 2050, Braskem said.

In addition, the company said it was exploring the possibility of building a new biopolymer factory in Thailand in partnership with local chemical company SCG Chemicals.

The company said it was also looking into collaborations in other areas, including one with Lummus Technology for biopolymer technology licensing, which would lead to the development of new bio-based materials.

Braskem has been producing its ‘I’m Green’ range of biopolymers in Brazil since 2010.