Brazilian biodiesel producer BSBIOS, part of the ECB Group, has announced the acquisition of the MP Biodiesel plant in the Fribourg region of Switzerland.

BSBIOS said the deal was part of its overall strategic plan to invest in sustainable businesses that would position the company among the world's top three biofuel producers by 2030.

The 5.6M litres/year plant in Domdidier produces biodiesel from used cooking oil (UCO) derived mainly from canola and sunflower oil, according to the 1 March statement.

“We will expand the structure for collecting and receiving UCO in Switzerland,” BSBIOS CEO Erasmo Carlos Battistella said.

For the past five years, the group had been developing its commercial relationship with Europe via a subsidiary in Switzerland which, in May 2021, became holding company BSBIOS Switzerland, the company said.

“With the operation, we become a multinational producer of renewable fuel, trading and operating second generation biofuels. The operation in the country has growth potential and the plant is located in the centre of Europe, which gives us a strategic position on the continent,” Battistella added.

MP Biodiesel was founded in 2005 by two canola farmers, Müller Hans and Pellaux Jean-Luc, who each have a half share in the company.

As part of the agreement, BSBIOS said the owners would support the transition for two years.