Sunflowerseed and rapeseed production in Bulgaria is expected to rise in the current marketing year due to good weather conditions, World Grain reported from a US Department of Agriculture (USDA) report on 11 August.

The USDA forecast sunflowerseed output at 2M tonnes in 2021/22, a 16% increase on last year’s total. It also expected this year’s rapeseed crop to increase by 28% over the previous year to 360,000 tonnes.

“As of mid-July, the rapeseed harvest was 46% complete with reported yields exceeding earlier estimates,” the USDA was quoted as saying.

The report noted that 2020/21 exports of rapeseed and sunflowerseed were currently lagging behind the previous season due to the shorter crop and growing domestic crush demand, World Grain wrote.

The USDA estimated Bulgaria would export 200,000 tonnes of rapeseed and 800,000 tonnes of sunflower seed in 2020/21.