US bulk liquid storage and logistics provider BWC Terminals has completed its acquisition of IMTT’s Gretna Terminal located in Harvey, Louisiana.

Located on the Mississippi River, the Gretna facility comprises 56 storage tanks with a total storage capacity of 2.2M barrels and is serviced by one ship dock, four barge docks, rail, and truck.

Products handled at the terminal include speciality chemicals, petroleum products, base oils, biodiesel and vegetable oils.

“Divesting a terminal that we have owned and operated for 32 years was a difficult decision. BWC’s commitment to continuing to operate Gretna with the current team in place, and in a safe, environmentally responsible, and efficient manner was a major factor in our decision,” IMTT chairman and CEO Carlin Conner was quoted as saying in a Business Wire report on the transaction.

With the reinvestment of proceeds from the Gretna sale and the completion of contracted renewable fuel and chemical-related infrastructure projects that were in progress, over half of IMTT’s revenue this year would be from the handling of non-petroleum products, such as renewable diesel feedstocks, renewable diesel, chemicals and vegetable and tropical oils, Conner added.

Following the sale, New Orleans-based IMTT would continue to own and operate its 16 other terminals across North America, including its three Louisiana terminals located along the Mississippi River in Avondale, Geismar, and St Rose, the 5 January report said.

According to its website, BWC Terminals operates 18 sites with a total storage capacity of 16M tonnes. A range of renewable fuels, agriculture, speciality chemicals, food grade and petroleum-based products are stored at the facilities.


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