Global agribusiness giant Cargill has teamed up with Spanish alternative fat company Cubiq Foods to develop novel fat technology.

As part of the partnership, Cargill said it would now have access to Cubiq Food’s technologies to help customers develop plant-based alternative foods.

Cubiq Food’s range of alternative fats includes the Go!Drop product, a plant-based replacement for animal fats in processed meat products, dairy derivatives, sauces, bakery products, confectionery and saturated vegetable fats (such as coconut oil) in vegan food products.

The start-up company’s new fat technologies were particularly suited to the plant-based meat and dairy alternative space, where fats and oils helped provide structure, taste, texture and nutritional profile, Cargill said on 1 March.

“Signing the joint development and commercial agreements represents the next phase in our partnership, as our…technology is now ready for application development, production scale-up and… commercialisation,” Cubiq Foods CEO Andrés Montefeltro said.

Cargill first invested in Barcelona-based Cubiq Foods in May 2022.

Cubiq Foods uses cell culture and oil/water emulsions (gelling) to replaced saturated vegetable and animal fat ingredients in food production.

The company has developed a technology platform to produce cultivated fats and omega-3-rich cell-based oils and has new patented methods for preparing structured oil/water emulsions to replace plant and animal fats in food production.