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Global agribusiness giant Cargill has expanded its regenerative agriculture programme in four European countries – France, Germany, Poland and Romania – and nine new US states.

A voluntary, regenerative agricultural programme, RegenConnect helped farmers improve soil health and decarbonise the agriculture supply chain, Cargill said.

As part of the programme, launched two years ago, the four countries would be financially compensated to adopt climate-friendly farming practices, the company said on 23 May.

Expansion into the nine US states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas would mean the programme would be available in 24 US states.

In the USA, the programme would also provide farmers with higher payments, cover more commodities – adding cotton to its list of eligible crops alongside corn, soyabeans and wheat – and improve ease and access to enrolment via mobile devices, the company said.

Cargill said its RegenConnect programme had received positive feedback from growers and customers and had also been recognised by the 2023 Edison Awards for its innovative approach to creating a more resilient and secure food system.

“Agriculture and farmers can be part of the climate solution, helping to reduce emissions, improve water quality and use, increase yields and build up the resilience of our soils for the next generation,” Chantelle Donahue, vice president of North America agriculture supply chain at Cargill, said.

Farmers enrolled in the programme could select practices best suited to their operation’s specific growing conditions, which included planting cover crops and implementing reduced- or no-till farming, the company said.

In addition to providing technical support and resources to enable farmer success, Cargill said the programme also helped farmers connect with some of the world’s largest companies actively seeking to reduce their environmental footprint while supporting regenerative agriculture.

Eligible farmers in participating EU countries can enrol for the programme from 1 June to 15 July, while eligible farmers in North America can enrol until 15 September.