Global agribusiness giant Cargill is expanding its soya processing operations across its US network of crush facilities in seven states, Cision News reported the company as saying on 4 March.

On completion, Cargill estimated the US$475M investment would improve operational efficiency while increasing capacity – by 10% in one location and doubling capacity in another.

Improvements would include faster unloading of oilseeds and loading of products, increased capacity and better overall logistics and safety.

"We are positioning ourselves to meet the growing global and domestic demand for soya products both in food and fuel markets," Cargill agricultural supply chain North America managing director Warren Feather said.

Projects included the expansion of the company’s soyabean crush site in Sidney, Ohio, and an increase in production capacity at its soyabean processing facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Soyabean unloading capacity at Cargill’s Wichita plant in Kansas would be doubled and onsite automation improvements at its Kansas City facility would increase truck load capacity.

All facilities would continue to operate while the projects were underway, the company said.