Swiss blockchain agri-trading platform and fintech company Cerealia announced on 10 November that its blockchain-based agriculture trading platform is now live.

The new online international trading platform allowed traders to post bids and offers, negotiate, and sign contracts using ‘one click’ electronic signatures, the company said, with all the events being recorded simultaneously on blockchain.

Traders could also make use of the company’s execution module, featuring e-templates, to help streamline the process.

“Our digital-brokerage platform is transformational for physical agri-trading as, most importantly, traders can now be 100% certain they really did the trade, vs traditional over-the-phone brokerage. Instantly, they have digitally signed contracts and blockchain-registered records “forever”, said Cerealia CEO Andrei Grigorov. CEO at.

The launch was only the first phase of the company’s development, said Cerealia CTO Jaime Delgado.

“Cerealia in fact is a financial technology company, we are planning to propose fintech products to our customers and we are already working on a next, much more sophisticated, marketplace, with deeper use of blockchain and artificial intelligence,” he said.

The launch followed a series of pilot transactions involving companies from Japan, Dubai, Ukraine, Turkey, Algeria, and Brazil.