China plans to build 10.85M tonnes of extra storage capacity to increase grain stockpiling, World Grain quoted a Reuters report as saying on 12 July.

Reuters cited official media reports saying that Sinograin would build 120 storage facilities in 18 provincial administrations this year.

The China Reserve Grain Management Group Co Ltd (Sinograin) is involved in grain and oil storage, processing, trade, storage and logistics. According to its website, the group produces, stores and transports agricultural products. It is also involved in domestic and international trade, mainly in rice, soyabean, corn, raw sugar, soyabean meal and other bulk agricultural products.

The World Grain report said China had strengthened its focus on food security and pledged to increase grain supplies, and had more than 650M tonnes of grain storage capacity. However, the total volume of China's grain reserves was not made public and information about the state stockpile was usually difficult to obtain, according to Reuters.