Swiss speciality chemicals company Clariant has announced the launch of a range of 100% bio-based surfactants and polyethylene glycols (PEGs).

The introduction of the bio-based products significantly expanded Clariant’s Vita range of ingredients, which are based on renewable feedstocks, the company said in its 1 February statement.

“From the packaging to the many ingredients, a typical consumer product in coatings, personal care, home care, industrial and agricultural applications still uses petrochemicals and therefore fossil carbon,” Clariant’s global head of Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties Christian Vang said.

“Switching to bio-based carbon chemistry remains a big challenge for manufacturers and by launching the Vita surfactant and PEG range we are offering them a… solution to achieve this.”

Designed for natural formulations aimed at achieving a high Renewable Carbon Index (RCI), the new Vita products were suitable for use in consumer goods such as detergents, hair and body shampoo, paint, industrial lubricants, and crop formulations, Clariant said.

Clariant said it used 100% bio-ethanol derived from sugarcane or corn to create the ethylene oxide for the new range of surfactants and PEGs.

The range comprised more than 70 bio-based products, the company said, and would be expanded according to market needs.