Global shipping and logistics company CMA CGM Group is offering a new service to help customers make their cargo carbon neutral, the company announced on 17 November.

The new ACT option, which is available throughout the group’s subsidiaries, offers a range of four services to help clients analyse, reduce and offset the environmental footprint of transported goods.

“We have made ground-breaking decisions advancing the shift to cleaner energy and helping push the whole industry forward,” said Marc Bourdon, senior vice president (commercial and agencies network), CMA CGM Group.

“Through ACT with CMA CGM+, we are sharing our energy transition solutions for shipping and providing our customers with effective solutions.”

Solutions offered by the group included cleaner energy LNG (liquefied natural gas) and biofuel.

LNG helped to preserve air quality by eliminating almost all atmospheric pollutants, the company said.

CMA CGM used biofuel on its containerships and its Cleaner Energy Biofuel service offered a transport solution using biofuel generated from used cooking oil (UCO).

These alternative fuel-based solutions could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% to 85%, the company said.

Customers could keep track of their environmental footprint in real time by using the company’s Eco Monitor system and its Positive Offset option allowed emissions to be offset by contributing to carbon sequestration projects involving local communities.

The various solutions in the ACT range could be mixed and matched, the company said.