Coshocton Grain building soybean processing plant

Ohio-based grain company Coshocton Grain has begun construction on a new soyabean processing plant at its site in Coshocton, reported World Grain on 11 February.

The facility is expected to be completed by the end of March and operational by July.

Coshocton Grain CEO Rhoda Crown told the Coshocton Tribune that the company was looking to process an average of 3.36M bushels/year of soybeans to produce 81,000 tonnes of soyabean meal and 12,600 tonnes of soyabean oil.

“We were looking to take the company in a new direction and have more emphasis on the bean deliveries versus the corn deliveries,” Crown said. “The beauty of the facility is that you have a soyabean processor and corn processor in the same county. I don’t know that there is another county in Ohio that would have both like that.”

Crown said the company expected to use a third of the available soyabeans in Coshocton and seven surrounding counties, while the soya meal it produced was expected to be used by dairy, swine and poultry farmers within a 120km radius.