Ⓒ Cultivated Biosciences
Ⓒ Cultivated Biosciences

Swiss food and biotech start-up Cultivated Biosciences has secured US$1.5M funding to develop a fat ingredient for plant-based dairy products, the company announced.

From its laboratories in Zurich, Cultivated Biosciences has developed a creamy ingredient from GMO-free yeast, which has the same texture and colour as dairy products, low lipid oxidation and natural emulsification properties, the company said on 6 September.

The funding would help the company improve production processes, research food applications and start product development with initial clients, Cultivated Biosciences said.

“We are… excited to build a solution that will elevate the mouthfeel of the plant-based dairy category,” Cultivated Biosciences CEO and co-founder Tomas Turner said.

The company said it would start testing its creamy ingredient with selected clients next year for high-value savoury applications and was open to working with partners, particularly in the Swiss gastronomy sector and European and US food tech industry.